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Transfers of real property involve many complex legal and financial considerations. Our attorneys can guide you through your options and ensure the smooth completion of your real estate transaction.

Transfers As Part Of Estate Planning

Transfer of real property is often a key element of an Estate Plan and may include (1) transfers outright (2) transfers with retained life use and (3) transfers to revocable or irrevocable trusts, as well as other types of transfers. Transfer of investment property to family members or other related entities may also entail significant estate planning advantages, as well as risks, which necessitates competent legal advice.

Transfers As Part Of Purchase And Sale

Our firm can help facilitate the process of a purchase or sale in an efficient manner by preparing, reviewing and negotiating the contract of sale; identifying and addressing any outstanding title issues; communicating with your lender if you are financing the purchase; and representing you at closing.

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Having the legal counsel of an attorney experienced in real estate law can make a positive difference in your property transaction or transfer. Call WSM Elder Law today at 585-798-7183 or contact us online today.