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WSM Elder Law can help you plan for the future of you or your loved one. Often, this plan will include details about paying for nursing home services or long-term care. The three ways that nursing home care is paid for include the three of these (or a combination of them): private pay from personal assets and income, long-term care insurance, and Medicaid.

Typically, all roads lead to Medicaid. The key in asset protection planning is not just in qualifying, but in finding the shortest path there. Medicaid is a means-tested government insurance program. In plain language, this means that a person’s income and assets need to be low enough to qualify for benefits. Sound planning can allow families to preserve assets and income by qualifying for Medicaid earlier, without spending all resources on skilled or in-home care – regardless of whether advance asset protection planning occurred.

Contact WSM Elder Law today to schedule a consultation with our nursing home lawyers if you would like the help when it comes to nursing home planning, short-term crisis planning, estate planning or any other elder law matters. Our law firm is proud to represent clients throughout Niagara, Orleans, Genesee and Erie county.

Long-Range Asset Protection Planning

Are you looking to be proactive to protect your estate from the cost of nursing care? Advance planning may be right for you. We can help.

For many clients, an estate plan must meet the test of time and events. Our attorneys work with clients to build comprehensive estate plans that can withstand the storm of a long-term care event. After all, only those legacies that are preserved during life may be passed at death.

A trusted first line of defense is long-term care insurance, though this is not an option for everyone. For those without policies, or with policies that don’t provide total asset protection, we can advise you on the benefits and risks of inter-vivos transfers of assets to children or self-settled trusts. In addition, basic will, POA and health proxy planning cannot be overlooked.

Near-Term Asset Protection Planning

Is a nursing home event unfolding right now, and are your resources or income at risk? It’s never too late to protect your assets. We can help.

If your spouse, parent or loved one has been, or is about to be, admitted to a nursing home, you may have already been told that Medicaid is not available and that all excess resources must be spent on care. At $10,000 to $14,000 per month, this can quickly deplete precious savings that the family was relying on for a secure retirement.

Despite what you may have been told or otherwise believe, it is never too late to protect assets through gifting. We know the rules to qualify a loved one for Medicaid and preserve as many assets as possible. A nursing home event need not be financially ruinous to an entire family, and we can help keep your nest egg secure.

Experienced Medicaid Planning

We can assist with estate planning and late-stage (crisis) Medicaid planning. We will make house calls to clients at no additional charge.

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