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Here at WSM Elder Law, you will find a team of estate planning attorneys with decades of experience helping clients protect their futures. We know how to help you with any planning needs that may impact your unique situation.

How Estate Planning Can Benefit You

Estate planning is not just for those who have millions of dollars. Anyone can benefit from a thorough estate plan, and their loved ones will appreciate the effort they take to make one before they need it. A proper estate plan can:

  • Create a health care directive that states your medical wishes involving things like what procedures you approve of, how long you wish to remain on life support, etc.
  • Appoint a power of attorney and an estate administrator
  • Establish both wills and trusts to pass your assets on to your loved ones
  • Specify your business succession wishes to avoid any unnecessary disputes

An estate plan can keep your loved ones from guessing what your last wishes are and help avoid conflicts that could potentially break up a family altogether.

Our attorneys take the time that you need to sit down and identify what it will take to ensure that your estate plan accounts for all of your wishes to the best degree possible.

Do Not Put Off Planning Another Day

Whether you need to begin your estate plan, or just update it over the last few years, now is always the best time to get started. Our team helps clients across the Western New York area, and we are excited to help you as well.

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